Biennial Women's HIV Prevention Summit Applications Still Open

02 September 2013 - 03 September 2013
Venue: Crowne Plaza Johannesburg – The Rosebank

General Details

2013 marks the third Biennial Women’s HIV Prevention Summit a national collaborative Summit that brings together members of the women’s sector to provide a learning platform for information sharing; engagement and capacity building between the HIV research/science, policy and service sector community in order to strengthen evidence based, women centred prevention strategies and advocacy responses for a women’s centered HIV Prevention agenda in South Africa.

Prioritising women centred prevention that seeks to establish, advocate for and advance the development of an expanded range of female controlled or initiated prevention options and addresses structural barriers remains critical. The HIV epidemic among women is often hidden from effective dialogue between the population at risk, community based service providers, policy makers and the broader scientific/research community.

Women’s voices often remain hidden when it comes to decision-making around HIV prevention and there is an urgent need to create and strengthen platforms for women’s voices and experiences to be heard, so that HIV prevention measures incorporate the views and experiences of women as end users of technologies and interventions. If current and future interventions are to be effective, they will require women being part of their design, implementation and evaluation.

There are complex challenges when utilising current or introducing new prevention technologies and behavioural strategies in relation to issues of access, compliance and negotiation given structural and social impediments that continue to violate women rights on different levels and in various settings. It is therefore imperative that greater understanding is generated on the daily violations experienced by women and how these are to be addressed if the Prevention Strategic Objective 2 within the National Strategic Plan on HIV/STIs and TB (2012-2016) is to be realized.

The summit program is arranged around three central Prevention Pillars:

I.Structural Arrangements and Systems

II.Programmes and Strategies ( linking Sexual & Reproductive Health Services, Barriers& Rights)

III. Biomedical Advancements and New Technologies

Prevention Summit Objectives:

1.Provide a platform for women, HIV organisations; key stakeholders and policy makers to articulate and review the implementation of the National Strategic Plan against women centred HIV/STI prevention (SO2), whilst highlighting how structural driversof HIV have been addressed (SO1).

2.Provide an update on the Status of Current and Future Research, Technology, Policy and Programming that is focussed on HIV Prevention, specifically for Women.

3.Share Case Studies, Technical know-how and Experiences within the sector around Prevention tools and Strategies that are able to respond and shift barriers to compliance.

4.Invigorate women-centred Prevention Advocacy with the intention of developing Unified Advocacy Messages and Action plans that all participants and stakeholders can implement between the upcoming 2013 and 2015 summit.

Date/Time: 02 September to 03 September

Venue & RSVP Details

CNR Tyrwhitt & Sturdee Avenues

+27 (11) 448 3600

Contact Person: Lizelle Henn
SANACWS Mobile Number +27 84 255 4945

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